Unleash your potential with a steady flow of great clients

As a freelancer, you want to focus on your craft, your passion, and your clients, not the admin!

Personal Storefront

Showcase your experience with ease using our comprehensive library of service packages and suggested deliverables. Clients will understand what you do and what they’ll get from working with you before they get to meet with you.

Ideal Client Seeds

Find leads that match the profile of clients you love to work with. Our tool uses data from your past clients to discover new leads that fit your ideal client profile.

Automated Sales

Turn strangers into LinkedIn contacts and share your storefront automatically. Clients see what you offer, past work, and pricing quickly. Saves time and is efficient, allowing you to focus on closing more deals and growing your business.

Service Package Builder

Build service packages in minutes using our ready-to-sell services and suggested deliverables. It’s a hassle-free way to create packages that clients will love.